Spincast vs Spinning Reel: Which Is The Best Reel For A Beginner?

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If you’re planning on becoming a world champion angler, do you know what components you’ll need to buy? Specifically, what kind of reel is going to be best for your needs?.

Two of the most common reels include spincast and spinning. The former is easy to use, available for a cheap price and great for light lures, but fishing in deep waters will prove challenging. While the latter will be harder to find at a bargain, it does open up larger yield opportunities – but you’ll need ample practice to become a true master.

If you’re an absolute beginner, the question is: What’s the best contender when it comes to spincast vs. spinning reel.


A fishing reel is a device that is attached to the bottom end of the rod, and its primary use is for winding and storing the fishing line. They’re used mostly for recreational sporting activities and competitive casting, designed to help fishers with retrieving their fishing line, accuracy when casting, and achieving desired distances.

To help you get to grips with the basics, we’ve produced a quick guide for beginners to help you determine whether you need a spinning or spincast reel.


Experience Required

Generally speaking, the spincast reel is geared towards beginners. Its simple build, and design makes it a good component for the novice in terms of ease-of-use. It is found in many fishing starter packs due to these reasons, and it could be the ideal reel to perfect your technique.


  • Given the fact this piece of equipment is commonly found in starter packs, you can guess that the cost is more than reasonable. However, different manufacturers charge wildly different prices for their equipment, so you’ll want to make sure your compare diligently before going ahead with a purchase.


  • There are some limitations of the spincast when compared to other reels, the primary difference being casting distance. For a variety of factors related to the simple design of this component, it has a more limited line capacity than alternatives – including the other reel in question.
  • You will be limited with the spincast if you intend to fish in deep waters or cast over long distances. It’s one reason you might end up finding it to be a bad investment because you’ll probably want to take on bigger fishing challenges as your ability improves.


Experience Required

This component is usually considered a little difficult to master for the absolute beginner. Line backlash can be a problem for the inexperienced, and compared to the spincast reel, the technique is more difficult to get to grips with.


    • In today’s market, can be found at high-value prices, and many people would argue that their commonly perceived high quality makes them a smart purchase. If you conduct a thorough search, you may find some good spinning reels.


  • There’s no doubt about it, this component has the ability to take you on great fishing adventures as it allows you to cast over long distances and fish in deep waters. It’s a favourite amongst many of the professionals, and once you’ve mastered the technique, you’ll be able to catch large yields.


The basic design of the spincast means means it lacks the capability of the spinning alternative. However, beginners may find it easier to use and are likely to find one for a bargain. Its design does have some major plus points, such as limited backlash and ability to cast light lures.

The spinning reel is more adept for different fisher’s desires, as it can be used to cast lines over large distances as well as lure fish from deep waters. Finding a decent quality one may prove to be a more expensive venture, and getting used to it for the absolute novice may prove difficult.


All things considered, we would suggest going down the spinning reel route – even if you are a complete beginner. Practice makes perfect, and if you search thoroughly for a bargain, you might be glad you purchased a reel with more potential capability.

We think that if you practice, you can learn to fish from scratch with a spinning reel, and as your skills and talent develop, you’ll have more opportunity to catch a larger variety of fish. Of course, fishing’s as much about the peace and serenity of the experience as it is about catching fish, but there’s much more satisfaction to be had from being able to cast your line far and deep and consequently have access to more opportunity and personal improvement.

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